Kidney Pain

Learn about kidney pain.

Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer refers in particular to cancer that originated in the kidney, rather than that which began elsewhere and spread to the kidney.


There are different forms of cancer which can occur in the kidneys, some of which are mentioned below. The two most common types are denoted with an asterisk.

Bellini duct carcinoma
Clear-cell sarcoma of the kidney
Cystic nephroma
Juxtaglomerular cell tumor
Mesoblastic nephroma
Renal cell carcinoma *
Renal lymphoma
Renal oncocytoma
Squamous cell carcinoma
Urothelial cell carcinoma *
Wilms' tumor

Not all types are necessarily cancerous or malignant, as some can be simply benign tumors. For instance, cystic nephroma is a benign tumor.


The following are several symptoms that may appear in kidney cancer. Bear in mind that these may also take place in other conditions, and having them does not mean that a patient necessarily has such cancer. Additionally, not having these symptoms does not mean one does not have kidney cancer, as it can be with or without symptoms, and also as this is not a complete list. Some possibilities include: palpable abdominal mass, hydronephrosis, and hematuria (blood in the urine).

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis and treatment may vary from one case to another. The diagnosis is made by a medical professional, although the means may be different in certain cases. A couple of treatment methods that might be used in certain cases are surgery and chemotherapy, although this may change in any particular case due to the type of cancer, as well as other factors.